Preparation for a one-off story arc.

The Silanian Axe is a dread and ancient artefact, rumours of its whereabouts have surfaced in the Expanse, Chaos cultists, inquisitorial agents, rogue traders and the enigmatic Eldar all have an interest in it,

But so does Kaptin Nashgrab of the Terror Kroozer Da Skullsmasha. He doesn’t care about prophecy, the fate of the expanse, or the eternal struggle to hold back the cursed forces of the immaterium. He just knows another fancy Axe would look real nice in his collection. And if he has to break a lot of skulls and smash a lot of faces to get it, so much the sweeter.

So watch out Chaos loozers, Eldar ponces and stuffed shirt imperial gitz, Nashgrab’s boyz are coming to town.

Rogue Trader: Ere We Go!

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