Magrab Gearsmasha

"if we space da excess krew we can get a 0.05% increase in speed!


Magrab is a credit to his clan. No Mek could do more to make the Skullsmasha go faster. His previous post was on the Kroozer Bloodguzzler, which he left after a tragic command miscommunication put him in disfavour. “Get fru da asteroids without denting my ship” got misunderstood as ’ Get fru da asteroids as quickly as possible’ which left Bloodguzzler a Kilometer shorter and somewhat fatter. Fortunately Kaptin Nashgrab needed a Mek with Magrab’s talents.

Magrab has a pet squig call ’Bloodguzzeler in honour of his old ship, primarily because it has a flat faced, some broken teeth at the front and occasionally tries to kill him.

Magrab Gearsmasha

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